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Independently research and development of the national patented organic production virgin oil cold-pressing equipment and process, patent number: ZL 2011 2 0521213.0
It compresses the traditional oil-making process and successfully synthesizes the production integration of the three sections of oil extraction, dewaxing and initial filtration.
Under natural room temperature conditions, there is a mechanism oil at pure low temperature, which retains the inherent nutrients of the oil at full price, and the nutrients with high heat sensitivity are not affected and lost; it does not change any natural properties of by-products, greatly improving the synthesis of oilseeds. Utilization rate.
The production line is suitable for cold-pressing production of high-oil and low-fiber oilseed kernels. The finished product is bright, clear and transparent, with pure taste, scent and nutrient-rich. It does not need any production aids and food additives, and does not have to undergo traditional refining. It can be eaten directly, achieving low carbon and environmental protection, and the product quality is natural and green.