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Terminal product on-site production and sales of flagship store trial operation

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On September 24, 2014, Liaoning Jiashi Health Vegetable Oil Development Co., Ltd. functional vegetable oil terminal products on-site production and sales of flagship stores for trial operation, is the first chain direct platform for consumers to fully enjoy the right to know.
The address is located at No. 48, Huanghe South Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang City.
Produce Naiqikaer® brand perilla seed oil, linseed oil, grape seed oil, pumpkin with organic production equipment and technology that is leading the industry, unique and independent research and development and obtained national patent (patent number: ZL 2011 2 0521213.0) Seed oil, pecan oil and defatted flaxseed powder, pure low temperature physical cold pressing, original ecological green products, full-price retaining nutrients with high thermal sensitivity inherent in oil.
It is the first to open the factory shop and workshop to consumers to see the raw materials, processes, equipment, environment and management, and understand the whole process from raw materials to finished products.