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Food safety record, raw material acquisition is strictly controlled

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Food safety record, raw material acquisition is strictly controlled
The style of the company is that "the words must be done, the words must be believed, the line must be fruitful." After the training of “Creating a National Food Safety Demonstration City”, everyone in the company memorized the training content, melted it into the blood, and implemented it into action. The sense of responsibility is multiplied, and the sense of mission is bursting!
This is not the raw material seed shipped from the company's raw material planting base. Although it has undergone the necessary screening and inspection at the base, it is still subject to stricter inspection by the company's quality control department. Only after all the indicators are qualified can they be selected, otherwise they will be returned regardless of the situation.
The workers are unloading their cars, each sweating, but no one is shouting, everyone's enthusiasm is the deep love and love for the company! Here, I really say it: Hard work, family, love you! Xiao Dinghe of the Quality Control Department sampled and sent each bag of raw materials less carefully and carefully. It is the girls who spend their years, they did not choose beautiful clothes, but chose the same white clothes as angels, chose the love and loyalty to the food inspection and quarantine, and chose the responsibility and mission for the people's health, girls, Good, praise you!
In the food safety record, the purchase of raw materials is strictly controlled.
Mission responsibility and dedication, Jiashi employees are not ordinary!
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