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Vegetable oil exhibition brings the most vegetable oil manufacturers

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The first part: change your mind and participate in the vegetable oil exhibition
When you are marketing and looking for market opportunities, have you thought about using the vegetable oil exhibition as a channel? Yes, the vegetable oil exhibition is a very unique marketing medium. I am the editor of the good exhibition website. I hope that I can promote the good vegetable oil exhibition to help you do business better. Next, I will briefly report on the benefits of participating in the vegetable oil exhibition, and then introduce you to the vegetable oil exhibition related to the vegetable oil business.
It is generally believed that participating in the vegetable oil exhibition can bring you the following benefits:
Part II: What vegetable oil exhibitions can help you?
After a small series of finishing, the Vegetable Oil Show has 10 vegetable oil exhibitions in the next period of time. The small series will select the first 6 vegetable oil exhibitions that have been launched recently or recommended to participate in the exhibition of vegetable oil exhibitions.
The name of the first vegetable oil exhibition is: the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Nutritional Products. Healthy Food and Organic Products Exhibition 2012, the start date of this meeting is March 27, 2012, and ends on March 29, 2012. It was held at the Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is about 10,000 square meters.
According to the organizer's introduction, the basic information of this association is as follows:
Vegetable Oil Exhibition Outlook: Nutritional fortified foods: sports nutrition food, seaweed food, bone marrow food, diet food, fiber food, medicine and food, vitamin food, beauty food, puzzle food, snack food, low-fat food, black food, functional beverage .
Vegetable Oil Exhibition Outlook: 6. 300,000 tickets will be printed, and invitations will be mailed to the industry for invitation to visit. Professionals from the Pearl River Delta region will be invited to visit through on-site visits and telephone appointments.
Vegetable Oil Exhibition Outlook: 4. The organizer will organize China Resources Vanguard, CP Lotus, Haoduodu, Wanjia, Baijia, Hongcheng, Juzhidao, Xinyijia, Zhengda Wankelong, Guangzhou Cereals and Oils Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Ruibao Cereals and Oils Food Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Dongwang Food Wholesale Market Large-scale supermarkets and wholesale markets such as Nanyue Food Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Sany Food Wholesale Market, etc.
Vegetable Oil Exhibition Outlook: 2. The plant oil exhibition was strongly supported by the government and relevant departments, and cooperated with Guangdong TV, Shenzhen TV, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Southern Metropolis Daily, Phoenix Satellite TV, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao and other media reports, as well as bus advertising and large outdoor advertising. Attracting 100,000 professional visitors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to visit and purchase.
Prospects for Vegetable Oil Exhibition: Due to the continuous improvement of the independent innovation capability of Chinese enterprises, the scientific and technological content of nutritional health products is getting higher and higher, forming independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands.